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Cooper and DiCaprio 'form diet club'

Bradley Cooper and Leonardo DiCaprio have reportedly started their very own diet club.

The two hunks are renowned for their chiselled good looks, but at the moment both apparently feel they could be improved upon. Bradley has been looking beefy thanks to his role as Navy SEAL Chris Kyle in his next film American Sniper, although he's apparently let things slip a little. Leonardo has also been lax with the workouts while on holiday in Ibiza, causing the guys to come up with a joint plan.

"Leo and Bradley are starting a diet club, because they've both put on a few pounds over the summer," an insider told British magazine Heat. "It was all Bradley's idea - he's on a mission to lose 20lbs. in three months - and he has roped in Leo for support and extra motivation."

Personal trainer Ashley Conrad has apparently been enlisted to put the men through their paces. They will be expected to go all out when it comes to exercising, completing two-hour stints daily which will include boxing, hiking, spinning and weight training.

"Both Bradley and Leo are also going on a diet where they'll completely eliminate sugar, alcohol, salt and gluten," the insider added.

Bradley piled on 40lbs. for his role in American Sniper, which he's previously admitted he found gruelling. He had to eat 5,000 calories a day to get up to the right weight, but was keen to drop some as soon as possible.

It's not the first time the actor has undergone an extreme diet for a role. When he was beefing up to play Lieutenant Templeton ‘Faceman’ Peck in 2010's The A-Team he had to cut bread from his food intake, which proved tough.

"I had to get in this crazy shape but I still like to make sandwiches, although bread doesn’t really factor in when you’re getting in shape,” Bradley explained. “So I used to take grapes and put an almond in between. Pretty nuts – we got pretty crazy on the set of The A Team!”

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