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Coppola identifies with Marc Jacobs

Sofia Coppola loves teaming up with Marc Jacobs because she "identifies" with the way they view women.

The scent is the latest released by Marc Jacobs and has a more mature smell than its predecessors.

The designer is a good friend of the film director and they've worked together in the past, with Sofia thrilled to have the opportunity to make the TV promo for Daisy Dream.

"We have similar tastes in music and photography, so I felt like I knew how to approach it. How Marc sees women is something I identify with," she told

"I think in the way that a fragrance is sort of abstract, I liked not having to tell a story, but more a mood or an atmosphere."

Marc and Sofia have been close since the '90s. They met after the director moved to New York City with her mom and the pair went to check out Marc's iconic grunge collection. They got chatting and friendship soon blossomed.

"My mom was kind of surprised that we started talking about music and bands we liked," the director laughed.

The main tone of the new fragrance is blue wisteria, which isn't often used, and it was chosen because it has a more grown-up smell than something like a rose.

The Daisy collection of scents began in 2007 and since then several versions have been added. Marc explained what inspired him to start the perfumes all those years ago.

"The whole Daisy thing started with Daisy Buchanan,” he explained. “The Mia Farrow Daisy Buchanan [from The Great Gatsby]. She is my favourite character in literature. There was some irony in a sense, because a daisy doesn’t smell, but it is a flower that I felt evoked a certain spirit in a lot of women."

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