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Corey Stoll: Shaved head made me

Corey Stoll used to hide behind "incredibly long, unkempt hair" when he was overweight.

The 39-year-old actor has been bald throughout his showbiz career and sometimes sports wigs for work. It wasn't a move he'd initially planned, but he hasn't looked back since.

"'Shave your head,'" Corey grinned when asked by what the best advice he's ever received from a woman was.

"It was an ex-girlfriend. You know, the fight was over. I never really knew what to do with my hair to begin with. When I was fat, I had incredibly long, unkempt hair. And there was kind of a poetic justice to losing something I was hiding behind."

Corey now boasts a physique to be proud of, which he shows off in a tight suit for his stint as Darren Cross / Yellowjacket in Ant-Man. It took a lot of hard work for him to reach a normal weight after coming in at 317lbs. at his heaviest as a kid.

To try and pursue his dream career Corey went to theatre camp as a youngster, but found his weight hindered things.

"I was very stuck in the friend zone," he recalled when asked how his stature affected him meeting girls. "My life as an actor and my life as a horny teenager met at a perfect point. An acting teacher told me, 'There are so many great roles you can play. The Elephant Man! Or Quasimodo!' They're great, but I wanted to explore other parts of the human experience. I also just desperately wanted to get rid of my virginity. Those are great motivators."

Corey previously admitted he becomes a fitness fanatic for a few months every year since overcoming his obesity as he's worried he'll fall back into old ways.

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