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Cosmetics fan Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson says her sexy looks are down to "good make-up".

The actress-and-model is renowned for her sultry image, having posed for Playboy magazine numerous time in the nineties.

The stunning star says her looks are the result of the clever use of cosmetics.

"Good make-up!" she smiled when asked how she looks so good at 44.

"The other day, I started to really think, 'Oh my gosh, I'm 44, what happens now?' Fifty is close. I think you just have to not worry."

Pamela is not interested in preserving her looks. The mother-of-two would rather age gracefully.

"[Cosmetic surgery] is personal choice. I think it was much more popular in the 80s! People are doing injections and Botox now, which I'm not really interested in," she revealed.

"No [I don't have Botox]. Everyone is telling me I should but I don't care! I want to see what I look like when I get old."

Pamela has never felt like she lives up to her sex symbol status. The star never worries about her looks fading because she never felt attractive in the first place.

"I've never really felt pretty, though. I always felt like a tomboy," she told New! magazine.

"A lot of it comes with insecurity when you try and be pretty, you're trying to get approval.

Pamela has an enviable figure, but insists she still has "fat" days. The blonde bombshell relies on regular exercise

"Of course!" she laughed when asked if she ever feels "fat". "Every time I step off a plane I feel bloated. That's when you do sit-ups!

"I'm not really obsessed with [food]. Although when I have told myself I need to diet, I eat twice as much!"

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