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Costume designer talks Kristen Stewart's chic style

Kristen goes from casual jeans and jackets to designer style for her role in new film Personal Shopper.

Costume designer Jurgen Doering is full of praise for Kristen Stewart's style on and off screen.

Jurgen worked with the star on her new movie Personal Shopper, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this month (May16) and also on the 2015's Clouds of Sils Maria.

In psychological thriller Personal Shopper, Kristen plays the character of Maureen, an American who works as an assistant to a famous model in Paris.

In an interview with, Jurgen spoke about what it’s like to work with one of the industry’s hottest and most stylish actresses.

"Kristen is amazing,” he gushed. "She’s very cool in the clothes. For me, it’s really easy to work with her, now that I know her (from Clouds of Sils Maria), and she trusts me. She’s so chic - you can take her anywhere, and she really wants to understand (the clothes.)"

Having been the face of Chanel for over two years, Jurgen may have expected Kristen, 26, to exercise more control over the clothing choices but he was pleased the actress was very collaborative and actively sought his opinion.

"She always asks what I think, what I might propose, and then we have a real talk about it. She’s not high maintenance at all - she’s very sexy," he smiled. "She has this big contract (with Chanel) and dresses for her job on the red carpet, but in the film, she looks like a student in sweaters and jeans."

In scenes from Personal Shopper, her second film with director Olivier Assayas, Kristen goes from casual to high fashion, wearing an old Fair Isle sweater in one scene and a metallic gown in another.

Unsurprisingly Chanel does feature in the film, during a sequence when the troubled Maureen slips into a dress she has just picked up for her model boss. "It’s that game of dreaming of being who you work for," Jurgen adds.

Much of the costume designer's research focused on the clothes Maureen shopped for. But with a director as detail oriented as Olivier, every shoe, coat, and bag had to go through a scrupulous approval process.

"Olivier would say, ‘Why Chanel?’ or ‘Why Vionnet?’... Everything had to feel credible," shared Jurgen.

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