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Courtney Love: I could be VB

Courtney Love is hoping to strike a fashion deal with Renzo.

The singer-songwriter recently revealed she would like to start a new fashion line. And the 49-year-old isn't afraid to aim high with her aspirations.

"To be honest with you, I love fashion, but if I have five years and I could do anything, I prefer to go to Harvard and get an education, and then also pattern-cutting on the side so I can make my own f**king clothes," she told "I don't think Harvard has a pattern-cutting course, so… My point was, I want to be at the same level Victoria Beckham is at and the same level that L'Wren [Scott] was at - God bless."

Courtney has already started making inroads with the fashion world to make her dream become a reality. In April she attended the Diesel fashion show in Venice to get inspiration from the brand's founder Renzo Rosso and artistic director Nicola Formichetti.

"Renzo is just a really cool billionaire - he's the only billionaire who I've met that's happy. He hired Nicola Formichetti to reboot Diesel. He also bought Marni and Margiela. I'm hoping me and Renzo can make a deal, but if not, he's still a really good friend," she explained. "So that's why I went. I went for my own self-purposes - I didn't just go to go. I went to see Renzo and see if we could become business partners."

Courtney's own style has been questionable over the years and she was known for wearing a babydoll and tiara combo in the '90s. But the wannabe designer isn't going to let it dictate her own line.

"I haven't started a really solid trend since then, so when girls show up in tiaras at shows, I don't get p**sed about it at all," she said. "I think it's funny. It's like, 'OK. I did that. For like, a month.' If I'd had known it'd have so much impact, I would have worn 10,000 other things."

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