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Courtney Love: I talk to Kanye about shoes

Courtney Love has turned to Kanye West for fashion advice.

The Hole rocker released a clothes line called Never The Bride in 2012 but has hinted she still has a lot to give when it comes to style.

Kanye is a known fashion lover and has created footwear and clothes in the past, seemingly making him the perfect choice to mentor Courtney.

"I haven't put out much proper rock music for a while. I've started a fashion line," she explained to Kerrang! magazine. "Actually, I was talking to Kanye West the other day about shoes, you know..."

It's not known whether Courtney is working on an entirely new range or if the pieces will fall under the Never The Bride handle.

The star has been interested in fashion her whole life and worked in Paramount's wardrobe department in the '80s. She is proud to have a distinctive look, but doesn't stick to just one aesthetic. Last year she attempted to describe her style, revealing she has two separate wardrobes to house her distinct looks.

"I flip back and forth because I have my rock style and then I have my lady style. I'm a little heavier right now in my rock weight, not my lady weight," she told

"So my lady weight is about 10 to 15 pounds less and I look totally great on stage on my lady weight.

"I actually have two walk in-closets: lady clothes and rock clothes. Sometimes I combine the two."

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