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Courtney Love makes models beg

Courtney Love will only give out free items from her clothing line to people she thinks are super stylish.

The rocker has her own fashion line called Never the Bride and is notoriously picky about who she wants to wear it.

Courtney revealed how she broke her own rules when she saw stylist Vibe Dabelsteen, who co-founded the international fashion and lifestyle magazine Vs., at an after-show fashion party.

The Hole frontwoman was so taken by Vibe's ability to work a white blouse, that she pursued her until she wore one of her creations.

"I saw this blouse on Vibe Dabelsteen at Edun’s after-show. My head was in Jefferson Hack’s lap, and as the blouse passed me I tore away from him (he has quite a nice lap, so no fun) and chased this beautiful blonde girl out of the room. Breathless, I grabbed her and asked who... where… what… and how I could get that blouse. It was heaven, and by this phenomenal Italian designer, Francesco Scognamiglio, who occasionally sells at Curve. Alas, she had bought it two years prior, so basically, I was sh*t out of luck," Courtney explained to's Style Map.

"I bugged our drummer (who also owns One Model Management) three times a week to give her anything from my collection, Never the Bride; those that know me know that I don’t send freebies to anyone. I hope that girls like Karen Elson [model] and Sarah Sophie Flicker [performer] will go ape sh*t over it because all the models are begging me for freebies, but it’s so costly to make, so I’m not giving them out until the next collection is made."

Courtney also gushed about the founder of Love magazine Katie Grand, who regularly styles shoots in the fashion publication herself. The blonde singer says the biggest sign of success for her clothing line is when she gets recognition from the editors she admires.

"I was just featured in Love magazine wearing some pieces from the line, shot by Nigel Shafran. I loved the shoot, and Katie Grand is a goddess and such an amazing role model. It was so weird and I love it for being weird," Courtney continued. "It is exciting to see the editors excited about the pieces. Just the other day I opened Tatler and saw a dress of ours on 16-year-old Evangeline Ling, somebody who is cute as a bug, and I got such a rush. So very different from a picture of myself, a cooler rush, and she looked amazing."

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