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Courtney Love: Westwood is fantastic

Courtney Love is a "big" fan of Dame Vivienne Westwood, even though her "boob has popped out twice" in her designs.

The Hole singer has given fans a peek inside her wardrobe. The video, which is on StyleList, and hosted by Courtney's Hole drummer Scott Lipps, shows the pair rummaging through her quirky closet.

Courtney owns many designer pieces but holds Westwood dearest, despite a number of wardrobe malfunctions.

"I'm really big on Vivienne Westwood even though my boob has popped out twice now in Westwood," she exclaimed.

Courtney and Scott also discussed her new clothing line, Never The Bride. The 47-year-old star designed the collection with Pippa Greenbank.

Courtney's love of quirky vintage is incorporated into Never The Bride.

"In the hem of all the dresses there's a ruby and it says ****," she explained. "I took one of Kurt's [Cobain - her late husband] robes and I cut it up into little bits and embroidered on it. On the Kurt robe dress I put, 'Tell me it doesn't hurt, tell me it doesn't hurt.' Which is I think what people say during sex."

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