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Cowell 'loves Botox'

Simon Cowell is thought to have gone over the top with his use of Botox.

The 54-year-old star has recently been spotted looking relatively wrinkle-free while out and about. His features have also looked noticeably puffy compared to normal.

Simon's youthful look has sparked rumours he has turned to the anti-aging injection to maintain his appearance.

"Simon's been using fillers and his friends have joked he's gone a bit too far," a source told British magazine Closer. "He loves Botox and will do anything to keep the ageing process at bay."

It was last year the music mogul was snapped with a plaster behind one of his ears, giving the impression that he may have had a neck lift to remove any sagging skin.

Plastic surgeon Mark Ho-Asjoe even has given his professional opinion after looking at photos of Simon from several years ago and now.

"It looks like Simon has been using Botox on his forehead, and filler on his cheeks," he told the publication. "The fat under his neck also looks reduced, which could be the result of liposuction or a neck lift.”

Simon previously revealed to GQ magazine how he straps up to a drip with B12, magnesium and vitamin C for half an hour a week. He credited this process for making him feel healthier.

"It sounds odd, but when you have it, it's fantastic. When you have it done, it's an incredibly warm feeling," he mused. "You feel all the vitamins going through you. It's indescribable but very calming, and then it gives you energy for a good few days afterwards."

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