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Cumberbatch's edgy photo shoot

Benedict Cumberbatch's latest shoot sought to bring out the "edgier" side to him.

He's primarily an actor, but the Brit turned model for the latest issue of GQ Style alongside his Star Trek Into Darkness co-star Alice Eve.

They were photographed for the magazine by Tertius Bune, who used Los Angeles' Mulholland Drive as the backdrop for a Bonnie and Clyde-style shoot.

"Benedict is a master in front of any lens. He just gets it," Tertius, who is good friends with the actor, gushed to "I do believe I can cast him in a light that shows him as he ultimately is... I'm talking about his versatility as a human being."

The pictures include the 37-year-old moodily leaning out of a car window, dressed in a classic white T-shirt and black leather jacket.

Tertius and Benedict have been friends since childhood and the photographer opened up about working with his close pal.

"Yes, Benedict and I have known each other since I was six and he eight years old. There is no particular trick to photographing someone you've known your whole life but I do believe I can cast him in a different light due to the fact that I know him as well as I do," he smiled. "This shoot in particular I wanted to show his edgier side. Which is not something I contrived, he has it. I see the media painting Benedict as the proper British boy (yes this is part of him), but he has a vast range. And I'm not just talking about acting or character range."

He added that Alice, 32, was "amazing" to work with and was full of ideas for the shoot.

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