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Cyndi Lauper: 'Mature women can pull off bold colour'

Cyndi Lauper advises women to consider making a strategically colourful hair statement, as she believes softer shades are more flattering.

Cyndi Lauper feels older women should experiment with their make-up.

The American singer rose to fame with a slew of hits as a solo artist in the '80s after splitting from her early group Blue Angel, dancing her way into the hearts of the masses with hits such as Girls Just Want to Have Fun. With her punk-inspired ensembles, brightly dyed hair and kooky accessories, Cyndi also inspired a generation of women to experiment with their style.

Now, having turned 63 last week (22Jun16), Cyndi is still encouraging women to try new looks as she thinks age is merely a state of mind.

"When you’ve lost your spirit, that’s not good," she told "A woman who is older doesn’t have to look like a grandmamma. She can look elegant and not conservative."

Cyndi insists mature women are still capable of pulling off bold colour, but the secret is simply scaling back on foundation and keeping layers of blush or eyeshadow as light as possible. She also recommends spending time studying your bone structure and where make-up is best applied according to the face shape, as well as reading books and magazines to draw ideas from.

"See what you look like, and see what matches your face," she said. "Then, one night, practise."

She advises women to consider making a strategically colourful hair statement too, and as she is currently rocking cotton-candy coloured hair, she claims to find softer colours more flattering.

And while the pop culture icon wasn't always a huge fan of pink, she now feels the connotations of the colour are being subverted by both men and women in different ways.

"I never liked pink. It was shoved down (girls') throats," she explained, adding that these days, "Pink is just pink, it can be used for different genders."

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