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Cynthia Nixon 'hacking' hair

Cynthia Nixon is cutting her hair again for an acting role.

The former Sex and the City actress went bald for a theatre production last year. This time, she is cutting her signature red-blonde tresses short to play a woman with cancer for a new movie.

“I’m hacking it all off again because I’ll be shooting James White,” she told New York Post’s Page Six.

Cynthia previously sported a bald head to portray a woman being treated for cancer in the play Wit.

The 47-year-old star – best known for playing feisty lawyer Miranda in Sex and the City – will be sporting a range of different hairstyles for James White.

“It’s a film about the same disease,” she explained. “There seems lots of that sickness in the world. But this time I’m not shaving it. I’ll do three wigs. Long hair, short, very short.”

Last year, Cynthia admitted to wearing a hat in public because her bald head caused such a stir. She also confessed that it had taken several attempts for her to finally shave off all her locks.

“My reaction when I first saw myself bald was pretty strong. It’s suddenly staring at the shape of just your naked empty head,” she told New York Post. “In real life, it’s a bit odd. I attract attention. We live on the Upper West Side [in New York City] so going to work, when I take the subway or walk the streets, I wear a hat.

“I sort of like it. It’s not a fashion choice, but it’s freeing and, anyway, I’m not one who can do anything with my hair.”

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