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Cyrus talks fashion obsessions

Miley Cyrus has opened up about her fashion choices, revealing she thinks jeggings are “the best invention”.

The 22-year-old singer is more often seen without her clothes on than fully dressed these days. But when Miley does don an ensemble, there is one clothing option in particular that she likes to go for.

Talking about jeggings, a cross between jeans and leggings, Miley told America’s Marie Claire magazine: “They're the best invention! Even though they have kind of ruined jeans."

The 22-year-old singer has made a name for herself in recent years for not having any fear when it comes to her outfit choices.

But Miley admits that her bravery hasn’t always paid off – particularly when she was a teenager.

“I had some shady wardrobe choices when I was about 16 to 18," Miley said. "I wore this hippie outfit to Justin Bieber's Never Say Never premiere that I'm like, 'Girl, who told you' — It was not Woodstock, it was a premiere."

Since her teenage years, Miley has seen several fashion trends make a reappearance.

But the We Can’t Stop singer doesn’t understand the popularity of one item in particular.

"I don't get Birkenstocks because I was in high school when they were cool and they remind me of being a nerd,” Miley said. “I just don't understand how they made such a comeback so quick. I think it's 'cause Céline and Givenchy started making them, so everyone's like, We can do a Birkenstock."

Miley also opened up about her beauty choices. And while, at just 22, she doesn’t need to worry about growing older, she says she may find the need to lie about her age in the future.

“I'm definitely gonna lie about my age at some point.” Miley said. "Even though people are gonna already know how old I am."

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