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Daisy Lowe: Sugar is the devil!

Daisy Lowe no longer eats sugar, but still makes treats to satisfy her sweet tooth.

The British model admits to loving food, but decided to give up sugar in a bid to become healthier. Far from turning her back on sweet treats and baking, something she's been doing since childhood, Daisy decided to hunt for an alternative to refined sugar.

"For the past ten years, it's been drilled into me that carbs and sugar are evil. Replacing sugar made such a huge difference. It gave me more energy, I felt better, I slept better and I even lost a few pounds," Daisy disclosed to British magazine Grazia.

"And not eating wheat and dairy (I'm intolerant to them) means I no longer feel bloated. Cutting out sugar is easy - there are many alternatives. It's harder finding ones for flour and dairy, but they're all much easier to find than when I first started looking, a few years ago."

She's now brought out a cookery book with 60 recipes of delicious sweet dishes, none of which involve sugar, wheat or dairy. Included in them are melon and cucumber ice cream, Moroccan orange cake and raw chocolate mousse.

Daisy, 25, admits she got her sweet tooth from mom Pearl, and still has a go-to snack if the mood strikes.

"My mum and I are both sugar addicts.

"Strawberry straps, covered in sugar - I still have them when I'm being badly behaved!" she laughed when quizzed on her favourite sweet.

"My mum and I have baked together - and still do - since I was about three years old. "

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