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Dakota Fanning relaxed about fashion

Dakota Fanning "isn't stupid" when it comes to people scrutinising her fashion choices.

The 17-year-old actress has grown up in the spotlight, and has become quite the fashionista. Despite being credited for her burgeoning sense of style, Dakota knows the way she looks isn't going to appeal to everybody.

"I'm not stupid. People are always talking about this person who has an amazing body and this person who looks great and that person who doesn't. It's there, if you let it in," she explained in an interview with the February issue of Elle magazine. "And I let it in to an extent. I just don't let it affect the choices I make."

Dakota is a student at New York University. The pretty star has revealed what she wore for her first day.

"Black knee socks and these Marni shoes that have a navy velvet bow on them; a black pleated skirt with a white button down and this Alexander Wang sweater that's shorter at the front and longer at the back," she described.

She also carried a floral umbrella to help kick start conversations with fellow freshmen.

"On my way out of the classroom, a girl goes, 'Hey, I like your umbrella,' and I thought, see, it works! I just developed a little thing with this person that I don't even know," she smiled.

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