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Dakota Fanning: UK style rocks

Dakota Fanning loves the shops in the UK.

The 18-year-old gushed about the stores she enjoys visiting while in the country.

The fashion fan says along with her younger sister Elle, her mother also has an eye for style which is where she inherited her shopping gene from.

"[The thing I love most about the UK is] the shops! I love Selfridges and Topshop!" Dakota explained to British magazine more! "My mum has just discovered Cath Kidston and owns practically every one of her items. She loves it so much, we just call it 'Cath' now."

Since starring as Jane in Twilight, Dakota has formed a bond with her co-star Kristen Stewart who played Bella Swan in the vampire films. The fashionable style icon gushed about her 22-year-old friend's dress sense, which is what made them closer pals.

"[Kristen Stewart] is so instinctive with her style and, like me, she wears clothes to reflect her mood," Dakota gushed.

Dakota commented on her younger sibling Elle's rising star status. The 14-year-old actress has appeared in a string of hit films including Ginger & Rosa and the upcoming Angelina Jolie movie Maleficent. As well as catching up with her elder sister's reputation in the movie industry, Elle is starting to be recognised for her fashion choices, which Dakota isn't too pleased about.

"Elle's too fashionable for her own good," Dakota laughed. "We've gone through our sibling rivalry phase [but] it's a sad day when, as an older sister, you have to say, 'Elle, I don't know what to wear, do you have anything?'"

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