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Dakota Fanning wants pink hair

Dakota Fanning would love to dye her hair pink.

The 17-year-old would like to play around with her hair more and was recently spotted with pink dip-dyed hair tips.

However, because of her acting career she is expected to look a certain way and is restricted by what she can do.

"Sometimes my job does limit how experimental I can be with hair and make-up," she told Marie Claire magazine. "Part of me would love to have pink hair, but I'm not sure now is the right time. I do get to experiment in my films, just in a safer way - wearing wigs rather than actually cutting off my hair, for example."

The star confessed that she has been dying her hair a brighter blonde every since she was old enough.

She protects her hair from the harsh chemicals in hair dye by using plenty of conditioner.

"When I was little I had white-blonde hair and I still saw that as a colour, even after it turned dishwatery. So, as soon as I was old enough to dye it, I wanted the blonde back. I used Kerastase products to keep it looking healthy."

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