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Damian Lewis: I dress like Burt Reynolds

Damian Lewis has joked he can "get a bit Burt Reynolds" if he wears a shirt with too many buttons undone.

The British actor likes looking dapper, and credits the fashions worn in TV show Mad Men as his go-to inspiration.

Damian would love to look like hunky Jon Hamm's character Don Draper, but has joked he's sometimes a little off the mark.

"I like that 1960s Mad Men thing that's going on," he told website Mr Porter.

"Equally I can get a bit Burt Reynolds if I wear the right shirt - a few too many buttons undone. It's not a good look but I just can't avoid it happening!"

Damien is famed for his role as Major Richard Winters in the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers, and is currently starring as Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody in Homeland.

The 41-year-old star looks the part with his short red hair and chiselled features, but insists this isn't why he's won the roles.

"That's what President Obama asked me! He thought it was because I looked like the guy I was playing. So I made a joke - I said, 'No Mr President, it was because of my outstanding leadership qualities and moral probity'.

"And he wasn't sure for a minute - he was like, 'Who the f**k is this guy?'" he laughed.

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