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Dannii: I thought my body was wrong

Dannii Minogue's curvy frame meant she couldn't buy petit clothes from the Asian market.

The Australian star and her sister Kylie are known for their perfect petit frames, but Dannii never used to be confident about her body.

Although she now embraces her smaller stature, it can still be frustrating when petite clothes are too small for regular size hangers.

“Can you imagine being a 43-year-old woman and you can’t hang your clothes up?” she sighed to InStyle Australia.

"For years, I felt like I had a weird shape, like my body was something wrong. If you could imagine going into a store and nothing fits you, nothing of any size… It’s not like I could go to shops that cater to the Asian market - I’m curvy."

Over the years Dannii has dipped her toes into the designing game, first in the 80s with a range that sold in K-Mart Australia.

After her appointment on the UK X Factor and Australia's Got Talent, the star was soon hailed for her style choices. This lead to her setting up fashion line Project D with Tabitha Somerset Webb, but she left the label in 2013.

More recently her petite clothing line for Target Australia has been a hit. Dannii's strong social media presence means she can chat directly with her customers.

"It gives me that instant connection and on most days bypasses a lot of c**p. I’m glad that it has brought people together. There’s just been so many success stories, particularly for petites, who gather there and can understand each other’s frustrations and help each other out," she explained.

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