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Dannii Minogue: Denim gives me confidence

Dannii Minogue has revealed her top tips to feeling confident even when lacking style inspiration.

The Australian TV personality always looks glamorous, whether she's sporting elegant or casual attire. The brunette beauty has revealed her secret to always exuding style confidence even when she feels like staying indoors.

"Sometimes you've just got to have those days when you stay in bed and you're in your oldest tracksuit or your pyjamas and you just don't get out of bed. It's OK to do that," she said in a video with

"I guess the days where I have to pick myself up and give myself a bit of confidence; it's just those familiar things that make you feel good. For me it's my favourite pair of jeans and heels will always pick me up and make me feel good.

"Sometimes with make-up if I paint on some red lips or something to really brighten up my face. That really gives you a sense of confidence, even if you don't feel you have it that day."

Dannii has also discussed the imminent release of her Project D Fall/Winter 11 collection. The 39-year-old star launched her dress line alongside friend and business partner Tabitha Somerset Webb last year. The glamorous pieces are easy to wear and fashion forward, and have been praised by industry experts.

Dannii is thrilled with the newest collection.

"We called this our Supermodel Collection, naming the dresses after women who are famous not just for their beauty, but for their independence, business acumen and qualities as role models. We named each style for the model we felt would look best wearing it," she wrote on her blog.

"Tabs and I can't quite believe this is our fifth Project D collection and that we're already hard at work designing our Autumn Winter 2012 pieces. Our clothing line is all about curves and we're very proud of the way our label has evolved over the past 18 months."

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