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Dannii Minogue loves new 'bowl' cut

Dannii Minogue says her new hair cut is part "bowl cut", part "Beatle".

The Australian TV beauty is famed for being experimental with her style. The stunning star has debuted a range of hair cuts in the past including an edgy short bob with blunt bangs, a Mohican-inspired 'do, and long flowing extensions.

Dannii recently stepped out showcasing a cropped style and the star has explained the motivation behind her tresses.

"Spring has sprung in Melbourne and as we all know 'tis the season to do something new, fresh and exciting, so I decided to try a new haircut..." she wrote on her blog.

"I've always been adventurous with my hair and been happy to try new things - I even went through a phase of wearing wigs - but I've never tried a really feminine short cut before. I was finding my old haircut pretty challenging to style and it was getting very long- the fringe was almost down to my chin.

"The result is probably 1/3 waif, 1/3 Beatle and 1/3 bowl cut."

Dannii did the research before chopping her tresses. The 39-year-old looked to legendary style icons for inspiration.

"I'd been talking about getting a hair chop for a few weeks and looking at pictures of 1960s style icons like Twiggy, Joanna Lumley as Purdy in the Avengers and 1920s singer-and-actress Josephine Baker for inspiration," she said.

Dannii can't wait to start dressing up her new 'do. The mother-of-one says her wardrobe choices differ depending on how her hair is styled.

"I think changing your hair makes you change things in your wardrobe because pieces that used to suit you suddenly don't go with your haircut so you get to experiment with new styles and looks to find things that work," she explained.

"I can't wait to start accessorising with little scarves tied up."

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