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Dannii Minogue praises ANTM star

Dannii Minogue says Miss J Alexander is "so clever" with his use of accessories.

The Australian TV star-and-designer is a huge fan of the America's Next Top Model coach. Miss J is renowned for his outrageous dress sense and regularly makes outfits for his appearances on the US TV show.

Dannii recently met the runway expert in Australia and was hugely impressed by his elaborate timepiece.

"When I caught up with Miss J Alexander in Melbourne at the end of last year, he was wearing an amazing Moschino watch, the face of which was made up of a series of smaller watch faces, set to the different time zones he was travelling to and from," she explained to a UK magazine. "Miss J is so clever in the way he accessorises, and he's such a continent-hopper that this is also a really functional item for him - I love it."

Dannii also gave some advice on choosing style icons.

The 40-year-old star insists you don't need to focus on famous faces when it comes to being inspired in the fashion stakes.

"I'm a big advocate of finding an icon whose style you admire, and whose body is similar to yours, as a way of discovering, developing and evolving your personal style," she explained. "That person doesn't have to be in the public eye. So, before you blow your pay packet on a Lady Gaga-esque lobster headdress, steal some inspiration from closer to home."

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