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Daphne Guinness: I'm not a fashion person

Daphne Guinness tried to "stave off" creating a make-up line for as long as possible.

The fashion star is renowned for her dedication to high fashion and love of eccentric outfits. Although she enjoys dressing in haute couture, Daphne doesn't feel like a true "fashion person" as she isn't a designer. Rather, she just enjoys the spectacle of wearing lavish clothes.

She's collaborated with MAC Cosmetics on a 24 piece colour line and has explained why she got involved with the project.

"The thing about me is: I identify with fashion but I don't actually consider myself a fashion person," she mused.

"I've collaborated with [MAC], but I'm not really in the industry, as it were. I tried to stave this off for as long as possible but I realised that I'm just not part of an industry in a way, because I think it takes a certain kind of brain and it's more in my head."

The cosmetics line includes eyeshadow palettes, lipstick and blusher. Daphne is proud of what she's come up with and went on to discuss her own beauty regime.

For her, make-up is about experimenting. She enjoys seeing what products look like when used for something other than their original purpose.

"Sometimes I use paint. Yesterday I was using nail polish as lipstick. It's just experiment after experiment. I'll mix one with another one to try to find the ones that I like," Daphne told "To me, I need to feel connected with the actual texture of something. It's different for everybody, different people connect with different things."

Daphne's love affair with make-up began at an early age. She loved slicking things on her face when she was at school, and as she didn't have much money then she found ways to create her own products.

"I was a punk, and so we wore a lot of black eyeliner and peroxided our hair quite a lot. But we didn't have enough pocket money to buy lots of makeup, so we'd go to the art department and mix it up there. That's the best way, actually!" she laughed.

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