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Dascha Polanco uses hair styles and colours to boost her confidence

The actress is always nervous before dying her hair another outrageous colour.

Orange is the New Black star Dascha Polanco is tired of following the norm when it comes to her hair.

The 33-year-old isn't afraid to experiment with her look, rocking everything from braids to curls, as well as a variety of colours including grey and pink, and, in a new interview with People magazine, Dascha admits she goes out of her way to stand out from the hair crowd.

"I am tired of just following the norm," she said. "In a world where we always follow certain celebrities, and you see the world follow them, I want to go away from that being a public figure myself. I always want to do my own thing.”

Dascha's favourite look was her grey hair with lavender dye at the tips, but she admits that was one style she was dubious about trying before taking the plunge.

"(It was) something that broke me into the world, saying, 'Look this is how creative and daring I am!" she continued. "I know I got a lot of positive feedback from it. I think every moment you see that I come out with a new colour I get nervous. I have anxiety: 'Is it gonna work? Have I pushed the envelope too far', or is it going to be something people are going to fall in love (with)? And so far, every time I get those emotions, it’s successful."

While some stars love to experiment with makeup, Dascha has always preferred to express herself with her hair, and finds new styles and colours great ways to boost her self-confidence.

"It makes (me) feel confident, especially when I am working on my self-confidence and loving myself more," she added. "I preach about self-love and embracing my curves, so my hair is very important to me. I think hair for many people is an artistic expression of one self and you really can’t take that away from anyone. You can cut your hair, you can let it grow, you can colour it."

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