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Dave Bautista cautioned on cosmetics

Dave Bautista transformed into his Guardians of the Galaxy character Drax as soon as he put his contacts in.

The actor-and-bodybuilder scored the role of Drax in the movie, a menacing, muscly warrior.

It involved a complete face and body transformation, which Dave was more than willing to take on.

"I was warned well beforehand, early in the audition process, that it was going to be quite an arduous make-up job. They tell you because you have to be willing to do that, but I was up for it," he explained to

"After all the warnings, it actually wasn’t as bad as I thought. I put on about 10lbs. or 15lbs. as well, above and beyond the make-up. Just to get that massive physical presence."

It wasn't just about looking the part for the 45-year-old hunk. The changes in his appearance also helped him to embrace the way Drax acts and feels.

"As far as informing the character, it definitely helped," he reasoned.

"You had these wild sets and these crazy characters, and you look down and you’re painted all these weird colours. Suddenly you just feel like Drax. It helped on a daily basis. It was putting the contacts in, which was the last step in the make-up process. I put those in and I felt like I was Drax."

The film also stars Zoe Saldana, who was painted green for her part as Gamora. Having such an intense look made a change for the actress, who is often cast as the 'good-looking girl'.

"The reward is better than getting compliments like, 'Oh you look so good in that movie.' But hearing, 'You kicked ass in that movie,' that’s different. Women are meant to be pretty but we’re not really meant to be powerful. So when I am considered powerful with what I do, I regard that very seriously," she recently mused to

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