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David Beckham advert released

David Beckham’s new underwear advert is released today.

The short video is filmed by Guy Ritchie and promotes the David Beckham Bodywear range, available exclusively at the Swedish high street store.

Fans can visit to get a first look at the one-and-a-half minute promo, which will also be shown in a 30-second version on TV and in cinemas.

A teaser clip has already been released, showing the 37-year-old soccer player clad only in underwear as he runs through the streets of Beverly Hills.

So far, the clothing store and the sportsman have both remained quiet about the nature of the advert, leaving fans in suspense until the big reveal today.

The idea was conceived by Marc Atlan, whose company put together the past three campaigns for David and who also counts Christian Dior, Helmut Lang and Tom Ford among his clients.

Their working relationship happened by chance.

“I was reading an article about David on the plane, and I brought up working with him after our meeting. What I didn’t realise was that H&M had then contacted his agent, Simon Fuller, and put a deal together,” Marc explained. “They told me a couple of months later that I’d be the creative director for the two-year campaign. It has been the biggest thing I’ve ever undertaken.”

The idea behind the commercial is tongue-in-cheek with an undercurrent of humour.

The clip begins with David in his bathrobe, as he waves off his sons who are leaving for school.

His robe gets caught in the wheel of the car, leaving him in his underwear, chasing it through the neighbourhood.

The debut today is made with upcoming Valentine’s Day in mind, to inspire gift ideas for loved ones.

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