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David Beckham ‘has brand magnet potential’

David Beckham’s move to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) has the potential to make him a “magnet” for brands.

The soccer player is known for his good looks and has in the past struck a pose to promote underwear for H&M, as well as modelling for fashion house Armani and his own fragrance range.

Last week, David confirmed he will be playing for the French team, which could open up doors in other areas of his career.

The short nature of his PSG contract and his wife Victoria’s busy fashion design schedule means the couple’s best move is to hold out for a bit longer.

“I think people are going to wait a little bit. During those five months, if [Beckham] proves that it’s not just a marketing move but it’s bigger than that, he could be a magnet and have more brands interested in him. It really depends on him, if he’s going to play it well,” Antoaneta Metchanova, creative director of French advertising agency Publicis 133, told WWD.

“Beyond the glossy David and Victoria Beckham thing, I think what would benefit a brand that might be interested in him would more be the attitude — the attitude of change, taking a risk and just living it… If taking chances reflects the spirit of the brand, it could work.”

David’s latest modelling project is his Spring 2013 campaign for H&M Bodywear, which launches in stores next week.

A spokesman for the Swedish company said they were looking forward to the launch, but said they had no Paris-based events planned yet.

During a news conference last week, David confirmed his family would be staying in London, following their move to the UK after his contract with LA Galaxy ended last year.

In a gesture of generosity, the 37-year-old also revealed he would be donating his PSG salary to charity.

The sum is believed to be around £150,000 a week and will go to a Parisian children’s organisation.

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