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David Beckham: I'm too busy for pampering

David Beckham doesn't have time for beauty treatments because of his four kids.

The former soccer player might share a mansion with his designer wife Victoria and their four kids, but when it comes to beauty indulgences he remains modest.

In fact there's only one way in which the star will regularly pamper himself.

"I don't think there are too many luxuries in my life," he mused to German magazine Jolie.

"When you have four kids, you're too busy. But what I do love is a massage after a long day. That's my little luxury."

The 39-year-old does however admit he's had a facial a few times before, although it's something he can only squeeze in when travelling alone.

In general, David has absolutely no problem with many men's metrosexual attitude.

"Of course it's up to the individual how much he wants to do," he said of males' beauty regimes.

"Some men do far more than women, others prefer to go unstyled and natural. In my opinion however, every guy should take care of themselves and their appearance - at least a little bit."

David has made his mark on the beauty industry with a range of fragrances. He conceded perfumes are so important because they evoke memories and listed coffee and roses among his favourite smells.

"Before I create my first scent, I was completely clueless about beauty," he admitted.

"But in the last ten years I've really learnt a lot."

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