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David Beckham thrills designers

Commando designers Polly Goodman and Florence Dowler were "overexcited" when they saw David Beckham wearing one of their creations.

The up-and-coming collection was devised by nine friends at all-girls boarding school Downe House school in Berkshire, England.

The company is overseen by Polly Goodman and Florence Dowler, both 17, and the pair were taken aback when fashion icon David sported one of their grey hats recently.

"It's just overwhelming. I was so overexcited I just ran around for ages! It's an honour, it really is. We never would have predicted that David Beckham would be wearing one of our hats!" Polly told, before Florence added: "Celebrity endorsements have really helped us further the brand."

Other celebrity fans include model-of-the-moment Cara Delevingne and Hollywood actress Chloë Moretz.

The girls all meet to discuss the direction of the brand regularly.

"We recognised that beanies were an up-and-coming trend for winter - they're fun, and one size fits all, which we thought would really maximise our customer base. And we really wanted to create a strong fashion brand, so we had the idea of the label with the name emblazoned across the front," Florence explained.

"We've got a lot on, and it's hard work - but we love it and it's such a pleasure to do so we find the time."

Commando started as part of a Young Enterprise scheme - a national education charity with the aim of forging links between education and industry.

The beanies cost £10, with caps now also available at the same price.

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