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David Hasselhoff stores stage garb

David Hasslehoff keeps all of his stage outfits.

The 59-year-old TV star has appeared in numerous shows including Chicago on London's West End and Jekyll & Hyde on Broadway.

David likes to store his flamboyant onstage attire.

"I keep everything that I have done from the shows - Jekyll and Hyde and I did Chicago in the West End," he explained in an interview with a British TV show.

"I keep all my outfits."

David made a joke of his sentimental nature when it comes to clothes. The American star is famed for his dapper dress sense and regularly dons suits for TV appearances and events.

"I have actually been wearing the same suit for three weeks," he quipped.

David has previously spoken about his penchant for classic dress sense. The actor-and-singer loves having key pieces in his wardrobe.

"A nice, crisp shirt will get you far. It's just such a classic, you know? You want a nice collared shirt. That'll take you anywhere you want to go, baby. If it's a hot evening, undo a few buttons. I like that sexy Nikki Beach style," he previously explained.

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