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Debbie Harry: Blondie's style was improvised

Debbie Harry and Chris Stein talk about Blondie's style beginnings.

The rock band came to prominence in the mid-70s and helped cultivate the new wave and punk music scene.

As well as catchy songs the band, made up of Debbie, Chris Stein, Clem Burke and a turnover of other musicians, also became known for their style.

"It was what was available to us. If everybody could agree on it and we felt like it was cool and it was affordable and we could lay our hands on it, that was pretty much what we did," Debbie told US Esquire.

"It was a real amalgamation of some leather jackets, T-shirts, and the peg-leg pants. Somebody showed up with this bright blue suit once and said, 'Oh yeah, they're up there on 14th Street for $5. You've got to go up there. They have all different colours.' That kind of thing would happen."

Chris reveals the male members of the group liked to channel the British mod look, preferring that over typical punk wear.

The band's cool taste in clothes was all their own doing, and they never had a stylist working for them.

Recalling when they first arrived in LA, Chris says there were hardly any shops about.

"There was a junk store way down on Sunset that was good. I found my motorcycle jacket out here on Melrose. Up until then all the motorcycle jackets were so big and so heavy so it was a child's motorcycle jacket," Debbie explained.

"It was a couple hundred bucks! It was expensive. I remember debating with you because it was so expensive. There were no designer motorcycle jackets at the time," Chris laughed.

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