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Debbie Harry: I don't shop

Debbie Harry keeps buying the same kinds of clothes, so has stopped shopping.

The Blondie singer has a distinct look and is still rocking the light locks she's synonymous with. Fashion has always been important to her too, but recently she's realised she doesn't need to continue updating her wardrobe.

"Shopping isn't something I really have time for. I realised I was buying the same thing over and over again for no apparent reason. But heaven is the Comme des Garçons store on 22nd street, New York City - it's beautifully designed," she gushed to British magazine Marie Claire.

As she's such a big clothes fan, Debbie has pieces from many different decades. She will hang on to her favourites forever, even if she's unlikely to wear them again.

"I can't throw out clothes. Vintage pieces like my Stephen Sprouse collection from the 70s and early 80s are too special to part with. He'd be a household name if he hadn't passed away. I still wear a lot of his pieces - the stuff that fits anyway!" she laughed.

The star's look will always be important to her. She's now 69 and has considered something more natural, such as allowing her grey hair to shine through. But she doesn't think that would go down too well, as she's still working with her band.

For now she's happy experimenting with lip colours, with MAC her favourite brand. Bold shades get her cosmetic juices flowing and she also likes spritzing on perfume.

"Fragrance is an important part of my ritual. I wear it every day. I don't like walking through duty-free in an airport, when you get a cacophony of scent," she said.

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