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Debbie Harry: I need a set aesthetic

Debbie Harry has relied on her "strong visual" to get along in showbusiness.

The 66-year-old singer-songwriter is best known for being the front woman of iconic rock group Blondie, and is famed for her sexy looks and edgy fashion choices.

Debbie's signature style is her platinum hair and red lips, and she admits relying on this aesthetic to get along in the music industry.

"It's always been sort of helpful. It's a showbiz thing. Most performers and artists count on a strong visual. I think that maybe early on, the contribution that I made to the music or the lyrics was probably overlooked a little bit because of my looks, but I don't think that's the case now," she told Parade magazine.

"Since there are so many more women and girls in music these days, it's become a different kind of analysis - although being sexy and hot never hurts!"

Debbie's iconic style has developed over her long-spanning career. The stunning star has revealed the look that stands out for her the most.

"There are a couple of favourite looks, but I think the one that sort of really was a terrific look for me was the black beret, black dress, and high-high black leather boots with a black trench coat over it," she revealed.

"That was a real strong image for me in the 70s."

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