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Debbie Harry: I'm no fashion icon

Debbie Harry doesn't understand why people see her as a style icon these days but says her attitude to fashion has never changed.

The Blondie singer, who's been celebrated for both her music and fashion choices since the '70s, doesn't know why people make such a big deal out of her clothes.

The 69-year-old still regularly performs and despite her advanced years hasn't toned down her stage outfits.

"I like clothes but I don't think I'm a particularly stylish person, I'm kind of antistyle at this stage. I think it’s absurd that I'm still celebrated as a style icon - I'm really not very stylish," Debbie mused to British newspaper The Independent.

"Sometimes I think, 'My God, you can't wear a mini at your age,' but then I like to wear a mini and my legs are OK. If you don't look good in it – don’t wear it."

After Blondie were formed in 1974, Debbie quickly became a punk icon and was hailed for her sense of style.

Known for her platinum blonde hair and tight clothes, Debbie still owns most of her performance outfits.

"I have all my old stage costumes, unless they rotted or fell apart. But I don’t sit in my closet, deep in the dark of night, and take out my old costumes," she laughed.

"I think when I was under the influence of Stephen Sprouse [designer], that was probably my most stylish period, and somehow or other that reputation from those early days has stuck with me."

While it comes as a surprise to Debbie that she's still seen as so fashionable, blending music and clothes together has always been a natural process for her.

"Fashion is all about recycling, but with a little twist or a fabric change, that's the beauty of it. It’s a building process, and it's the same with music. Music is something which recycles and reenergises itself, and I think fashion is very much like that," she explained.

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