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Debbie Harry reveals favourite look

Debbie Harry has described some of her favourite punk-rock looks from the seventies.

The Blondie rocker shared the back story behind some of her best-known looks with the latest issue of DuJour magazine.

The original punk-rock fashionista credits her iconic style to her friendship with the legendary designer who she met in 1975.

Debbie chose a high necked black dress she sported in the seventies as the outfit she loved the most.

"That is one of my ultimate all-time favourite dresses by Steve [Sprouse]. It was one of a kind," Debbie recalled. "It was a silk matte jersey of double thickness and had like a halter top with a little point that joined with the skirt. It was the hottest, sexiest little dress—I loved it. It was a mini, and I used to wear it with the highest boots I could find. When I started being dressed by Steve, things shot up and that's when it really became fashion—that little black dress was a real statement, a real piece of design. I just adored this dress."

In another image the Blondie frontwoman is seen sporting her trademark platinum fringe and darker than dark eye make-up. She also wears a pair of PVC thigh-high boots, symbolic of her trailblazing style during the era.

"Those are the boots," Debbie explained about the picture. "I had one pair of boots and that was it. Steve [Sprouse] gave them to me; I think he got them from Halston. I would say the heel was probably three inches, so it was a pretty high heel but a walkable one. I wore them day in and day out. I used to wear wedding dresses a lot and just rip them off during 'Rip Her To Shreds,' and I'd have a little black dress underneath. Wedding dresses were one of my favourite things to rip. I'd get them at junk stores."

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