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Debra Messing Tony topknot explained

Debra Messing's topknot hairstyle at the Tony Awards was inspired by Fred Leighton jewels.

The actress wowed at the awards ceremony in New York City, where she displayed a tightly-styled version of the hair trend, combined with a lot of volume. This resulted in a texture contrast with sleek sides giving way to a bumped-up, volumised crown section, with the bun nestled on top.

Celebrity stylist Ted Gibson shared his inspiration for her look and his tips for recreating the style at home.

"Fred Leighton jewels inspired me to create this polished chignon for Debra Messing for the Tonys," he told

"To get a dressy topknot à la Debra, you need three things: a flat iron with no curves, a bungee elastic (to hold the ponytail in place), and a shine-enhancing lotion."

Ted says the best way to do the style itself is to start with straightening your hair in strands. The style expert explained how most of the look is created through pre-preparation such as back combing to ensure the height remains noticeable all night.

"After blowing out her hair for volume, I used a flat iron set at 350 degrees," he continued. "Then I pulled Debra's hair back into a ponytail at the crown, using the shine lotion to enhance and bungee elastic to hold. Next, I backcombed the ponytail, twisting the hair onto itself. A few hairpins were used to set the style, along with a few spritzes of hair spray. The effect was glamorous, elegant, and timeless."

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