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Debra Messing's high-end hair care

Debra Messing has a special hair product which helps "magic happen" when she uses it.

The 46-year-old actress has long red locks and they've become something of a trademark for her. So it comes as no surprise that she goes to great lengths to keep them looking their best, including five-weekly meetings with her colourist who flies in from Los Angeles to New York City to see people especially.

"I would say I am most high-maintenance about my hair - I think because of the colour maintenance. And I work 12-hour days, so there’s a just a lot of heat constantly being used on it. I’m always putting in deep conditioners on the weekend to try to salvage and maintain it," she told

Among the products Debra uses are ones by Kérastase, including her favourite which comes in a black pot. Although the star doesn't give the name of the potion she jokes that when she uses it "magic happens" as it has high-end ingredients such as silk, caviar or "something fancy" included.

It's not just her hair that gets attention, the star also likes to indulge with facial skincare. Thanks to her role on TV show The Mysteries of Laura she is often caked in thick make-up, and it can be hard to get it all off. To help she uses a Clarisonic cleansing brush, as she feels it's the best way to get really clean.

Debra isn't as dedicated in other areas of her regime though. While she'd love to be the kind of woman who always has perfectly painted nails, that's never been her.

The star is as interested in fashion as she is beauty, previously explaining she likes to take some risks but feeling confident in her ensembles is what's most important to her. That means that even if she's donned something others hate, as long as she loves it she doesn't care.

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