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DeGeneres steps into footwear

Ellen DeGeneres is teaming with Camuto Group to design shoes.

The talk show queen introduced ED Ellen DeGeneres in June, providing fans with laidback clothing and accessories including T-shirts, jackets and baseball caps.

She's now partnering with the Camuto Group to add relaxed footwear to her company.

“I am so excited for my brand to partner with the Camuto Group. They say you have to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes to really know how they feel. Well, now you can literally walk a mile in my shoes, or even further if you choose,” she said to WWD.

The footwear will launch in spring and Ellen and the Camuto Group are already exploring avenues for further expansion. It will be priced between $80 and $300.

Ellen is keeping things down to earth with her offerings, previously explaining that she wants everyone to be able to reach into their closets and feel comfortable in her clothes.

"I want my line to be the answer to 'I have nothing to wear,'" she told "Guests on my show always ask me where they can get my clothes. Now I'm excited to tell them, 'I'm wearing me!'"

Ellen has also been working with clothing label Gap on a project. She launched children's line GapKids x ED earlier this year, a collection aimed at boosting youngsters' confidence.

"Gap has always encouraged people to be themselves, and I love that they have the same values that I have: to be true to who you are and to wear cute pants," Ellen smiled to "I know from my own experience that nothing makes you feel better than being who you are and celebrating what makes you unique. I think if we shine a light on real girls doing incredible things, that'll encourage other girls and boys to do incredible things, and that'll encourage even more people to do incredible things, and eventually the world will be a more incredibler place."

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