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Demi Lovato: Exercise is a mood booster

Demi Lovato works out six times a week then relaxes with yoga on her off day.

The American singer is well known for flaunting her toned physique on stage, wearing flattering outfits that show off her curves.

She's opened up in the past about her battle to overcome an eating disorder, and she now enjoys a healthy attitude towards food and exercise.

"I'm on tour now, so I have had to change my routine; performing and travelling means I have to fit in a workout whenever I can find the time - late night cardio sessions are not unheard of," Demi laughed to the British edition of Women's Health magazine.

"I exercise six days a week with a rest day. It's a lot, but it really helps my mood - I feel great when I work out. My regime includes cardio five times week: spinning and interval training, alternating sprints and walking."

As part of the feature Demi kept a food diary, which showed her diet is rich in omega-3 salmon and protein packed turkey.

When she's not training the 22-year-old still likes to keep her body active with some low intensity activity.

"I don't rest on my laurels - even on my day off. I really look forward to active recovery, like yoga or just walking. It really keeps me focused on where I want to be with my body.

"Functional training is key for my body. My live shows are really energetic, so I try to train my body for the dancing and physical element of my performance - it's a lot tougher than it looks!" she added.

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