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Demi Lovato: Sneakers are my style

Demi Lovato prioritizes her health so she can put on a great performance.

The 22-year-old star was announced as the new face of Skechers in July, appearing in campaigns wearing the footwear. It's a brand which Demi can relate to personally and she can still recall the first pair she owned.

“Light-up Skechers! They were awesome!” she smiled to People.

“Sneakers have become a fashion statement you see everywhere, from being on tour and performing to the gym, you can literally wear them with anything in your closet. I wear mine with almost everything because I love to be comfortable.”

The singer spends a lot of time in the gym getting herself in top condition for when she takes to the stage. She is known for her energetic performances, often jumping around and dancing, so she has to be physically prepared.

“Every performance on stage for my world tour is a workout, so I’ve been doing a lot of cardio to keep my stamina up and put on a great show for my fans,” Demi explained. “I think it’s extremely important to take care of yourself and live a healthy lifestyle, because it affects your mental well-being as well.”

Demi's acting career is just as popular as her music. She has had numerous roles on the small screen, such as Dani in hit series Glee, but the brunette beauty will always focus on singing most.

“It’s all about being confident and letting that radiate. It’s fun to experiment with edgy looks or play a character that is completely different from myself - which is why I love acting because it allows you to step outside yourself for a moment," she added. "If I had to choose one, singing is definitely my true passion. There is no better feeling than performing for a live audience and feeling the energy I feel when I’m able to connect with my fans.”

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