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Demi Lovato's social media make-up inspiration

Demi Lovato enjoys replicating "random beauty looks" she finds online.

The 22-year-old singer likes experimenting with make-up and is the face of cosmetics brand New York Color. The company is known for its bright shades and that's what drew Demi to it as she likes to go bold as well.

"I look for inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest. I love finding random beauty looks on there and showing them to my make-up artist," she told British magazine Cosmopolitan.

"My signature beauty looks are pretty simple. I love a smoky eye or a red lip, but it's funny because I don't like to wear make-up unless I go all the way in - it's all or nothing!"

Demi may be confident now, but she's been open about her previous struggles. She's battled an eating disorder and spent time in rehab, admitted using drugs and said she pretty much had a nervous breakdown.

Since leaving the facility in January 2011 she has been on the road to recovery and has done her best to support others who are struggling. That means encouraging her fans to accept their bodies and not stress about how they look.

"Learning to love yourself isn't just one thing. It's a matter of taking care of yourself," she said. "One thing that helped me to gain body confidence is realising that I only get one body, so every time I go to eat something I think, 'Is this benefitting my body?' Sometimes it's not, but that's OK. Taking care of myself makes me feel better on days when I feel gross or when my clothes aren't fitting like I want them to, I know I'm doing what I can."

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