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Demi Moore has 'treasure trove' wardrobe

Demi Moore has a "treasure trove" of vintage fashions that her youngest daughter likes to steal.

Tallulah Willis looks to her 49-year-old mother for style inspiration. The 18-year-old always borrows jewellery and clothing from Demi's wardrobe.

"My mom has a warehouse of vintage clothes that she's collected," she told

"Every time we go back to Idaho we grab a little bit more. It's like a treasure trove - it's the best.

"It's like your own personal vintage store."

Tallulah mixes the classic pieces with new items from high street stores including Topshop and Urban Outfitters. She also gets fashion advice from her older sister's Rumer and Scout.

"I remember every day I would be like, 'Scout, dress me. Put an outfit on me,'" she recalled.

"She wore all these vintage dresses. She'd dress me in these outfits and I would look ridiculous because they would be ten sizes too big, but I didn't care.

"From then on, dressing just became something I appreciated."

She adds she always makes an effort to dress well. As the daughter of famous Hollywood stars Demi and Bruce Willis, she knows the importance of making an impression.

"I think the best feeling in the world is leaving the house absolutely feeling so good about what you're wearing," she continues.

"It almost makes you feel like you have armour on."


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