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Denzel Washington: I was vegan

Denzel Washington cut out all animal produce to lose weight last year.

The star may be turning 60 in December, but he’s still going strong in action movies. In The Equalizer, Denzel takes on criminals, and he admits adjusting his diet is a big part of staying fit enough to appear in such intense flicks.

“Yeah, last summer I went on a vegan diet just to try it and it was actually quite healthy. I was a good weight,” he revealed to

“I'm not even completely back on meat even now. Moderation is the key.”

The Equalizer sees Chloë Grace Moretz’s character face violence from Russian gangsters. Of course Denzel, as bad-ass Robert McCall, can’t stand by and let this happen, and jumps to her defence.

With so many fight scenes, he had to make sure he was in top physical condition.

“I had great stunt coordinators and martial artists and I trained with them for six months,” he recalled.

“I've been boxing for years so I know how to handle myself but I needed to learn what they were teaching me. The important thing was I knew that they were going to keep me safe.

“I was training all day, over and over and over. We would cut corners sometimes if it was a big, wide shot, you could throw the stunt man in so I wouldn't have to jump off the [platform] 47 times, I could do it three times instead [laughs].”

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