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Derek Hough: I don’t exercise to look good

Derek Hough has revealed his commitment to a regular fitness schedule is not motivated by vanity.

The 30-year-old Dancing with the Stars choreographer has been a professional dancer for nearly all of his life and he won a Primetime Emmy Award for his choreographic talent.

Although Derek maintains lean muscle by moving his body regularly as part of his career, the star rarely thinks about his physical appearance when he is in motion.

"Everyone always associates activity with looking good, shaping their bodies a certain way," he told People magazine. "If you do it for reasons of feeling good [and] having energy – for me, that's why I love activity."

In a recent interview with Channel Guide magazine, Derek revealed he tries his best to stay away from drinks that contain caffeine.

He doesn’t want to use artificial enhancers to keep him awake while he’s travelling or preparing for a performance.

“It’s just taking each day as it comes, eating healthy, and drinking really good fluids,” he explained to the publication of how he maintains vigour. “The other day, my plane was delayed for four hours, and I got in at 3 in the morning to L.A. and I was up early for rehearsals for the show. It was crazy. It’s definitely difficult. And what happens when you get really tired, you get restless. It’s also important for me to not drink coffee, and not use sleeping aids. You think, ‘Oh I need a coffee or I need something to help me sleep,’ but for me it’s none of that. It’s all about health. For me what’s been helping me go to sleep and relax is meditating and breathing. As simple as that sounds, just breathing and doing breathing exercises put me to sleep in a calm state.”

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