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Diane Kruger likes unique style

Diane Kruger doesn't care if people hate her outfits as she just wants to be different.

The German star began her career as a model but is now a successful actress.

She's happy to experiment with style and picks everything she wears herself. That means her choices are sometimes slammed by critics, but she'd rather that than wear things which are too safe.

"I don't have my own stylist. And I like to be a little different - in LA, everyone wears the same dresses," she told the October edition of UK magazine InStyle.

"I think my background as a model helps, because I like experimenting and I'm not afraid of fashion or what other people think of me. Sure, I've worn dresses people didn't like, but I enjoy the expression of clothes. What you wear is one of the only things about yourself you can manipulate."

Living in Los Angeles has also had an effect on Diane's figure. She does treat herself to her favourite foods on occasion, but the city is so health conscious she finds it hard to indulge too much.

"I watch my weight here because you have to be driven everywhere," she said. "But on the other side, the lifestyle is incredibly healthy. If you smoke, you are Satan. Drink, you're an alcoholic. Eat bread, you're crazy. That helps keep everything in check."

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