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Diane von Furstenberg likes youthful fans

Diane von Furstenberg says seeing her designs on young women gives her a "boost".

The 64-year-old is famed for her iconic wrap dress, which she first came up with in 1973. It's become a staple for women the world over and Diane is proud that her creations remain relevant to this day.

"It wasn't all rosy and there were lots of downs, but now I'm an older woman, you know I'm a grandmother, so to feel so relevant among young women and to feel that I inspire them is a wonderful boost to me," she told the November edition of UK magazine InStyle.

Diane loves fashion and enjoys seeing haute couture on the runway. However, she's equally as interested by wearable pieces which women can call on time and time again.

It's these type of pieces which she thinks are truly important to women.

"Madonna is an example. She wear clothes that will get her noticed if she goes to an event, but when she wants to play it down and she wants her brain to be noticed, then she wears wrap dresses," Diane explained. "

I like that, when people want to be taken for who they are [they chose DvF], so they feel safe and yet pretty and elegant."

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