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Dianna Agron inspired by Louis Vuitton

Dianna Agron picked up some top style tips after going on vacation and visiting the Louis Vuitton factory.

The Glee star recently travelled to Venice in Italy and visited the brand’s factory.

Dianna shared the fashion knowledge she picked up during her trip to Europe.

"Fashion is art. Such incredible workmanship goes into every piece. At the Louis Vuitton factory I saw workers making shoes from scratch, and I even got to hammer a locket onto a heel myself! I used to see clothes and shoes as just, well, clothes and shoes. Not anymore," she gushed to the US edition of Glamour magazine. "The pieces I wore in Venice were exquisite - each its own work of art."

Dianne continued to reveal how designer labels have transformed her understanding of fashion. The 27-year-old says a stylish outfit can alter your mood as well as how others perceive you.

"Fashion can change the way you feel about yourself - and how you’re seen. I’m usually low-key, but when Louis Vuitton dressed me, I felt somehow mischievous and fabulous at the same time," she laughed. "But also, when I wore those gorgeous dresses and heels, I was reminded that, as an actress, the style choices I make influence how directors think of me. There’s power in fashion."

The final piece of knowledge Dianna shared with the magazine is how important it is to be dressed appropriately.

"Last but not least, I must say, when life’s big moments happen, it’s awfully nice to be dressed for them. One of the best parts of the trip - besides going home with amazing new shoes - was when a group of young Italian girls ran up to me on the street and told me they loved me in Glee. It was one of the moments actors live for. I’m so glad I was dressed up for it," she finished.

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