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Dianna Agron: My style is seasonal

Dianna Agron finds the seasons really impact what she likes to wear.

The 29-year-old star is about to take to the London stage in a play about late designer Lee 'Alexander' McQueen. She has ditched her usual long blonde hair for a short black do to portray troubled Dahlia, and changing her look is something that's always appealed to the star.

"There's usually an emphasis on the feminine," she told British magazine Hello! of her "eclectic" fashion sense. "It depends on the season, so I go through periods where I'm wearing black head to toe, then spring comes and I'm in floral dresses."

Dianna remains best known for playing Quinn Fabray in US high school musical TV show Glee, a role which is obviously very different to dark Dahlia. That's the way the actress likes it, although it does cause some confusion among her fans at times.

"There's maybe a difference between what people assume I'm like and what I'm really like, but you always want to maintain a bit of mystery," she explained.

Fashion is important to Dianna and she loves getting glammed up for red carpet appearances. She keeps the best pieces and is hoping to pass them on to her future daughter.

"I have too many boxes of clothes in my attic that I’m keeping just in case I have a daughter one day,” she previously told Britain’s Evening Standard newspaper. “There’s a green Carolina Herrera dress that I wore to my first Met Ball, a black leather lace-up Gucci top and another Herrera dress with mushrooms on it that looks like it’s straight out of Alice in Wonderland.”

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