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Dianna Agron’s pick-and-mix wardrobe

Dianna Agron is happy to wear a wide range of labels.

The Glee star has been a red carpet regular since the singing show launched her career six years ago.

Her fame means she has a wardrobe stuffed full of designer clothes, but Dianna isn’t only interested in established fashion labels; she likes to mix thing up with up-and-coming brands.

“I love pieces by Prada and Miu Miu, but I also like newer designer like Rosie Assoulin in New York. She’s so creative; very feminine but bold – think big sleeves and cool belted pieces,” Dianna told the British edition of Marie Claire.

Her make-up choices are equally high end, and she knows exactly how to make the most of her features.

“I use a lot of Chanel pencil eyeliners. A dark eye looks better with blonde hair and makes my eyes stand out,” she advised.

While her clothes and make-up may scream designer, Dianna has a much more laidback attitude when it comes to hair.

Playing cheerleader Quinn Fabray in Glee meant the 29-year-old generally had to keep her hair long and blonde for the six-series run. But as soon as the cameras stopped rolling, Diana would experiment with her tresses.

“It was so freeing to cut my hair when Glee wrapped. I cut it really short for the first time three years ago and from that point onwards, I’ve been red, pink, platinum... I get bored easily. I really like Kérastase hair products and, at the moment, shampoo for blonde hair,” she smiled.

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